Jun 9, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 133 - You Are Probably Not Expecting This

There will be many twists and turns before the midterm elections, but looking at the polls and analyzing the narrative allows us to better anticipate what lies ahead.

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Are you ready for the surprise?

In politics, the "October Surprise" if often a sneaky news leak, an unexpected announcement, or some other  advantageous political ploy deployed by one side to harm the other. According to the Smithsonian the term was coined by a 1980's political operative in the Reagan campaign, but it has since been appropriated by the media to describe any unexpected political disaster in the twilight hours of a campaign -- when there isn't enough time for the other side to respond before the election.

If we were to couch speculation in that precedent, we might expect something largely "unexpected" to occur in the next three months. Even though this November is not a presidential election, it will be a midterm referendum on the utter failures of our political class. It may even be a reckoning, but I for one am not getting my hopes up.

As primary races continue to show, the public attitude toward uber progressive policies is beginning to sour. When liberals start getting shellacked in California, you know the tide is shifting. However, it would be unwise to assume that the puppet masters failed to anticipate this turn in sentiment. Beyond stimulating endless outrage over trigger issues like abortion and gun control, one might expect The Powers That Be already have a plan in place to shore up their losses, maintain their power, and secure the upcoming election.

That's why we should expect an October surprise -- or many surprises for that matter.

But, because this is a midterm, the surprise cannot affect only one or two candidates. Instead, this series of surprises will be aimed directly at shifting public sentiment to the Left, to "protect our Democracy" or "protect our children" or "protect our planet" or "protect public health" or, perhaps all of the above. Even as I type out those words, I can hear the howling in the headlines, as propaganda pushes public mania to fever pitch and Democrats demand for more government control and protection, all for the greater good.

The useful idiots will howl right along with them, fully unaware that they are being used in a dark political ploy. Take the 34% of morons who still think Biden's economy is booming, for example. No intelligent person believes this. Even worse, there are some 37 million voters (22%) who still think our country is on the right track. Rather than cheer for the fact that three-quarters of the country realizes we are heading in the wrong direction, it's worth contemplating the idiocy implied in these polls.

I'm not big on polls, but these are the numbers that political types like to obsess over. While Democrats see these numbers and cringe, Republicans are licking their chops and salivating over the potential to regain their power in congress -- and just more power in general. But, despite his relatively dismal ratings, there is still a bright spot for 'ol slidin' Biden: 51% of Americans supposedly approve of how his administration has handled the pandemic.

Let that sink in, because it's a vitally important figure to political strategists. When you're down in the polls, what's a politician to do? Play to your strengths. The majority of people realize that the pain at the pump, bare shelves, and sky high grocery bills are not signs of a good economy -- even though liberals are still squawking about how a "Not-So-Hot Economy" might actually be good news (spoiler alert: it's because it might save the planet).

But, while pontificating Leftists may be able to browbeat their cohorts into believing Biden's Build Back Better program is still a good thing, they must contend with the fact that the vast majority of people can see it for what it is: Another set of failed progressive policies designed to subjugate national sovereignty to the socialist agenda of the global elite.

Alright, maybe most people don't see it quite so clearly, but plenty of people do. Many people simply sense that something is wrong -- we're headed in the wrong direction -- things are not better, they are demonstrably worse in ways that hurt on the home front. It is these average everyday hard-working Americans, who are typically too busy to mess with politics, who are about to voice their discontent with the way things have been going. It is these people who are the political enemy of the Left.

So, how might the Leftist elites address this problem? They might cheat, steal, and lie, as they have done in the past (and who would expect anything less?); or, as I was saying, they might play to their strengths. If 51% of Americans believe Biden handled the pandemic well, that means that 51% of Americans still trust "the science" -- despite innumerable capitulations, contradictions, falsehoods and false promises.

Now that is something the elites can leverage.

The degree of psychological conditioning since the world first learned of COVID-19 has been truly remarkable. The relentless propaganda worked its magic, worming into the mental framework of the masses, infusing the subconscious with cues, implanting linguistic triggers, and priming much of the public to act completely irrational in the name of The Science.

Keeping this hypnotic psychosis activated has been a steady stream of uncertainty related to mutated variants, vaccine boosters, public health policies, and now, monkeypox. The question raging in the disturbed minds of indoctrinated individuals is singular: Am I safe?

Am I safe from this variant? Am I safe if I'm vaccinated? Am I safe with a booster? Am I safe with a mask, or two masks? Am I safe around people without masks? Am I safe around unvaccinated people?

Just for fun, let's extend this concern to other topics: Am I safe in a country full of mass shootings? Am I safe in a community when people have guns? Am I safe in a crowd of MAGA types? Am I safe when white supremacists are running wild throughout the country, when domestic terrorists are terrorizing school boards, when racists are challenging the election and Russians are spreading disinformation?

Am I safe when I'm questioning the narrative?

The big surprise this election cycle might just be the number of people who demand the government do more to keep them safe from the many invisible enemies that haunt their waking dreams. At some point, they will demand that the government eradicate the threats to their delusions. Only then can they live in collective harmony without the disruptive presence of undemocratic humans.