Jun 7, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 131 - When The Mob Rules The World

Understanding what is at stake in the upcoming midterm elections.

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Do you realize what’s at stake?

As you know, the election cycle is heating up, and today there are a few interesting headlines that caused me to pause and raise a brow:

Before we get excited about the potential for a great liberal awakening, it would be wise to remain skeptical of this supposed red shift in the headlines. With the elections coming, everything is about messaging and getting out the vote. This is not by accident, and though it may be a warning to deep pocket progressive backers, more than anything it sends a signal that they need to continue stirring up controversies like Roe v. Wade and gun control in order to keep democrats energized and engaged.

That said, the third article is a couple weeks old, dated May 23rd, and it uses the same "political earthquake" language, which I find fascinating. The article was posted on the Council on Foreign Relations website, which is an organ of the globalist cabal. This passage is of particular interest:

"Former prime minister Scott Morrison now leaves office having presided over electoral carnage for the Liberal Party in both the lower and upper houses. His party’s normally safe seats in the two major cities lie in ruins, its political support base hollowed out. In the wealthy suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, the Liberals’ traditional strongholds were lost to talented, female independent candidates who capitalized on the prime minister’s unpopularity with women and his foot dragging on climate change and integrity in government. Unsurprisingly, these will be key issues driving the agenda of the new Labor team."

Now bounce back to the headlines about L.A. and San Fransisco, noting that the "normally safe seats in the two major cities" may soon lie in ruins. Many liberals are now concerned that Joe Biden will leave office "having presided over electoral carnage" in both chambers of congress. This is precisely why there are so many democrats calling for the end of the electoral college -- an issue now being attached to the Jan. 6 Committee hearings:

I assure you this is not just a coincidence. Democrats have been seeking to abolish the electoral college for years:

And, as some of you might recall, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has been silently gaining ground for years. The bill has passed in 16 states, and has progressed through at least one chamber in 9 others. The NPVIC boasts support from 3,522 state legislators in all 50 states. It’s being sold as a “constitutionally conservative initiative,” but nothing could be farther from the truth.

A national popular vote equates to mob rule.

We have an electoral college for a reason: To ensure that a few heavily populated areas do not get to impose their will on the rest of the country. It’s really that simple. In reality, the electoral college protects the minority from the tyranny of majority rule.

At any rate, Washington state passed the National Popular Vote bill on April 28, 2009.

But nevermind that, because there is something more foul afoot. Back to the article about Australia’s “political earthquake” and the eerily similar political patterns and word choice. Could this be foreshadowing? Who wrote this article anyway?

Turns out the Council on Foreign Relations article was written by a James Curran, and a quick search revealed James Curran is professor of epidemiology at Rollins School of Public Health, principal investigator for AIDS research, past chair of the board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, and former assistant surgeon general at the CDC. He was even a key player in the PEPFAR implementation discussed in Ep. 127 - Predictable Patterns of Disaster.

The point is this: Dr. Curran is steeped in the globalist agenda. He appears to be a key player, on par with Dr. Fauci, in the decades long effort to subordinate duly elected politicians under oppressive medical tyranny, in the name of public health.

But, the fact that he now opines on the “political earthquake” in Australia didn’t make sense. Turns out there is another Professor James Curran, who was formerly a Fulbright scholar at Georgetown University, chair at University College Dublin, and a non-resident fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

And, oddly enough, there was another James Curran who was the victim of a politically charged murder conspiracy in Ireland in 2005. This James Curran was shot in the back of the head in broad daylight by an Irish mob boss turned “election activist.” I kid you not, all of this just happened to turn up in prep for today’s podcast.

While it is highly unlikely that there is any connection between these three James, the fact that the Australian Curran who was writing about elections had ties to Dublin, where the Irish Curran was murdered by mobster turned election activist, and all of this came to light because of the “political earthquake” language being tied to our upcoming elections — and the fact that the American James Curran is a globalist hack with deep ties to the public health crisis that upended our last elections — all of this is just far too fascinating not to share.

It may mean nothing, but it sure makes for a good story. And at the very least, it depicts some of the issues that crop up when the mob interferes with elections.