May 31, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 126 - Is This the Death of Democracy?

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Who knows what to think?

As Americans gathered with family and friends to celebrate Memorial Day weekend there were at least 12 mass shootings across the country. While democrats continue to use the shocking headlines to demand more gun control, the media refuses to discuss the actual details of these incidents. Anyone want to guess the demographic profile of the perpetrators or the victims? (Details here)

Fresh calls to repeal the 2nd amendment are blaring throughout the liberal echo chamber, as progressives continue to blame republicans and the Supreme Court for "not protecting our children" in order to further advance their narrative:

It’d likely be a decades-long campaign, but it’s long past time to take disarming America seriously.

Friends, it would be a mistake to take this out of context. There has already been a decades-long campaign to disarm America. What we are witnessing now is merely a continuation of the infatuation with disarming dissent that is the final prerequisite for tyrants who seek to enslave innocent civilians. Totalitarians struggle to conquer a well-armed population, hence the 2nd Amendment.

But even that is not the bigger picture here.  

Have you noticed that what people think about guns, and how people feel about guns, has changed over the years? This is simply an extension of the overall shift in sentiment regarding any number of emotionally charged societal issues. There is no denying that change is ultimately an inescapable and unstoppable force, but too many people failed to notice the overall direction and impact of the changes taking place.

Perhaps you recall Barrack Obama's bold declaration in 2008:

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

While college students, progressives, and other leftist fools were swooning over his every word, many Americans bristled at the idea of "fundamentally transforming" the country that they loved. How successful was Obama in fundamentally transforming America, and what did these transformations actually look like? The truth is more subtle than you might think.

But let's get down to brass tacks for a minute: Liberals have been winning the war for the hearts and minds of America for decades. Over the last 20 years, Al Gore, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden each won the national popular vote -- meaning that the majority of Americans bought into the repackaged socialism they were selling, as opposed to our traditional American values.

That should have been a wake up call, but alas, too many people were simply too busy to notice. The unfortunate reality is that the Marxist fundamental transformation of America has been happening much longer than most people realize. Socialism has been spreading like a disease, infiltrating our government and institutions, infecting the public mind with delusional collective fantasies.

As our culture falls prey to seductive leftist lies, both insidious and intentional in nature, growing confusion and chaos drive calls for greater government control.

Not knowing what or how to think, desperate plebes seek answers from authority figures, who are the very authoritarians seeking to enslave them.

The world becomes backwards and inverted, truth becomes fiction and lies become truth, as political predators prey upon the willing victims of state oppression.

The Communist Manifesto states that left-wing revolutionaries aim to provoke an uprising of the masses against the establishment in order to install a "revolutionary dictatorship" as a transitional stage toward "pure democracy" and egalitarian communism.

Wise minds will take note that Marxists refer to communism as pure democracy.

Have you noticed how everything that threatens the progressive agenda is now being dubbed a threat to democracy? Isn't it strange how liberals now consider things they once championed, like free speech and the right to privacy, as now being threats to democracy? Why might that be?

This is because dissent is a direct threat to the collectivist disease. Liberating minds with logic is an existential threat to liberalism. Should their collective fantasies be exposed in the light of day, the masses may slowly begin to awaken from their hypnotic psychosis. If more Americans began calling out communism by name, we might still be able to reverse this fundamental transformation before it's too late.

If, on the other hand, the Left can finally disarm Americans and install their fantasies by force, the “death of democracy” will be complete and the government will shed its scaly skin to reveal the communists within.