May 27, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 125 - The Fast & Furious Friday Foray

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Welcome to the sh*show.

On any given day, there's more going on than you can shake a stick at -- and today is certainly no exception to that favorite folksy idiom, so let's just jump right in and swim with the big fish in the mighty pool of propaganda:

  1. Police press conference in Uvalde leaves 'gaps and confusion' -- Almost 48 hours after cops stood outside for almost an hour and allowed Salvador Ramos to murder 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School, parents and the press are furious about the gaps and contradictions concerning the horrific events of that fateful day.

    • Why did some cops enter the school to save their own kids, while other police were outside tasering parents who were desperately trying to get into the school to protect their children?

    • Allegedly a cop in the school said "yell if you need help," and when a little girl yelled for help, Ramos came over and shot her.

    • It was originally reported that a police officer had confronted Ramos before he entered the school, but the story has since been revised that he entered "undisrupted" through an unlocked door.

      In writing this, I had to pause to cry for a moment. This breaks my heart. This is so sick and twisted. What the hell is going on America?

  2. Woman stops a mass shooting with her concealed handgun -- None of the mainstream media will cover this story, but it is a tale of true heroism. When a man with an AR-15 started shooting into a crowd in Charleston, West Virginia, a woman pulled out her pistol and shot him dead. She then calmly waited for the police to arrive. Later the Chief noted, "Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night." Now THAT is the American way, and it is precisely why we have the 2nd Amendment.

  3. Democrats call for more gun control following TX massacre -- As they blame republicans for putting their "desire for power ahead of the lives of children," democrats continue to politicize this tragedy to score cheap points ahead of the midterm elections. Meanwhile, more savvy politicians are aiming for a modest compromise by creating a grant program through the DOJ that would "encourage states" to implement more gun control.

    • According to republican Lindsey Graham, this is not gun control, it's just a grant program. Says he, "We're not federalizing this. We're trying to incentivize best business practices at the state level." So, it appears that bribery is now the tactic being used to deprive Americans of their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

  4. Senators push to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism -- This is purportedly a bi-partisan resolution, introduced by senators Richard Blumenthal (D) and Lindsey Graham (R) ... who also happen to have presented the 2018 Graham-Blumenthal gun control bill used as the basis for the compromise mentioned above. Regarding Russia, this dynamic duo now wants to force President Biden to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, by attaching it to $40 billion in military and humanitarian aid, even though Biden has resisted this provocation so far.

    • Graham declares that "Putin is a terrorist" and claims this designation lets the Russian people know that "as long as he is your leader" they are going to feel the pain, because the SST designation allows additional categories of sanctions to be placed on the already heavily sanctioned country.

  5. Stunning shift reveals catastrophic conditions and collapsing morale of Ukrainian forces -- After four months of pushing the narrative that Russia has been suffering extensive military losses and romanticizing the heroic Ukrainian forces, the mainstream media have suddenly and quite drastically switched their tune. Now the story is that the US-equipped Ukrainian forces are nothing more than "outgunned volunteers" who have been abandoned and are "facing certain death at the front."

    • Meanwhile the US Department of Justice just seized a Russian tanker full of Iranian oil, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, and is now in the process of transferring the oil to the United States, in what some are calling a "clear example of piracy." One might speculate if this is all part of Biden's plan to ease the pain at the pump, or if it’s just another example of belligerent provocation of the great Russian tyrant.

As all of this is happening, while the Western Alliance is engaged in "the great battle for democracy," US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is over in Warsaw urging EU leaders to apply "corporate levers" -- i.e. extortion, bribery, and coercion -- to persuade Polish leaders to fall in line with the globalist agenda, galvanizing NATO support in the looming shadow of WWIII, and edging the world ever closer to war.

Why is the US Treasury Secretary in Europe pushing EU leaders ever closer to the brink of war? No one knows, and no one seems to care -- except for some shady executive branch bureaucrats who are quietly revising their protocols for the upcoming apocalyptic scenario. But nevermind that.

COVID is coming! COVID is Coming!! COVID is COMING!!!!

Much of the "incredible transition" that we are going through is contingent on keeping people scared and compliant, and what better way than to announce the new 5th Wave of the endless covid shamdemic. The now dominant strain of coronavirus is a mutant that contains a "ghost of pandemic past," combining the lethality of the dreaded Delta variant with the transmissibility of the Omicron.

Apparently this variant is "adept at escaping immunity," even among the vaccinated, which is why cases, deaths, and current hospitalizations are all beginning to skyrocket. According to the CDC, 76% of counties across the country are now experiencing high or substantial community transmission. It is unclear whether this will affect your Memorial Day weekend, but it will almost certainly be affecting the midterm elections. Stay tuned.

Did I mention that China has been caught actually planning to invade Taiwan?

So much to say, so little time to say it. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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