Dec 8, 2021 • 16M

Ep. 12 - Falling In Love With Freedom

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Resistance is the spice of life. We need to talk about what's really going on. It's time to face what we're up against. There's a small group of people trying to take over the world by luring the fools into traps. Don't be fooled! Listen to The Torch Report daily to get the "truth you can trust" and stay wise to all the lies! The Torch Report = Intelligent perspectives for curious people. You'll want to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out and please don't forget to share!
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Do you remember what is was like when you were free?

We are facing a global totalitarian takeover. There. I said it.

Many people want to pretend that the end of COVID is just around the corner. It's not. We are in the middle of a well orchestrated and systematic destruction of the American Dream. Right now, global elites are destroying societies around the world, with the intent of installing a New World Order and Communist-style global government.

Rest assured, this is not just emotional rhetoric. This is the reality we are currently faced with.

It may seem like we are destined to succumb to this insurmountable force. It may seem inevitable, like there is nothing we can do but accept it. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

Authorities around the globe are using fear to force their agenda. They're spinning up a steady stream of sophisticated propaganda to keep people locked in a state of confusion. They are driving the herd of humanity toward a cliff of desperation, pushing people to sacrifice their most sacred rights, all for the illusion of safety.

But some people are waking up. More and more people are getting wise to what's really going on. Which leads to the question:

What are we going to do about it?

Well, what can we do about it? Beyond just standing up and pushing back, I believe the solution to this crisis is for We The People to fall in love with freedom all over again, to fan the flame of liberty and fight for what's right, to reclaim our Constitution and our God Given Rights.

We need to fight for our friends, fight for our friends, and fight for our future, and we need to do it TOGETHER. 

If we don't stand and fight now, we may lose our freedom forever. That's what's at stake.

And THAT is a lot more scary than COVID-19. So please, help me spread the message -- It's time to fall in love with freedom all over again!

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