May 18, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 119 - The Sick & Twisted Situation

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Have you noticed?

There are a few things I want to point out about today's propaganda:

  1. For weeks we've been hearing how the Ukrainians have been kicking Russia's ass. Now we hear that the Ukrainians are surrendering in large numbers. It's not clear whether the Russian's are letting them take their high-speed, U.S. funded military toys home with them, but we may suspect at least some of the billions of dollars of military equipment is getting lost in the shuffle, a la Afghani-style.

    Meanwhile a young Russian evildoer is being charged with war crimes for allegedly shooting an unarmed geriatric civilian at some point during the conflict, and Finland and Sweden have officially applied to join NATO. It is not clear whether this will diversify the world's most woke, equitable, and socially just military alliance, but we have learned that Turkey stands in opposition to their membership, likely because they are racists.

  2. Nanci Pelosi is on a warpath of her own, declaring that indictments may be doled out to deal with the debauched delivery of baby formula for hungry babies. She is not yet clear on who should be charged, but several congressional committees have been formed to investigate the matter, and she is almost certain the republicans are to blame -- which is why all of the investigators are democrats.

    Meanwhile demands have been made for an additional $28 million for the FDA to help boost the supply of infant formula and prevent future shortages. It is not clear whether the FDA intends to actually start making baby formula, but they are doing everything they can to make sure more babies get fed, and at least some of the money would pay for things like supply-chain monitoring and more government inspectors who may be able to find additional ways to keep people safe by shutting down factories.

  3. There has been a 300% spike in deaths among newborn babies, for the second time in the last six months, which has been dubbed mysterious by baffled public health officials. The government is now launching an investigation into the surge of babies dying within weeks of birth that occurred in September 2021 and March of this year. Officials say that COVID infections “did not appear to have played a role” since unvaccinated mothers were all vaccinated so they could be in the hospital.

    The government reminds us that safe and effective vaccines for pregnant women were made widely available and uptake was strongly encouraged starting August 2021, with six month boosters becoming available in February of this year -- meaning pregnant mothers-to-be had access a full month before the mysterious spate of deaths. Though the surge in deaths could not have been due to chance, officials are certain there is no direct link to COVID-19, because the vaccines are safe and effective.

This is all very sickening. It's sad. It's deeply disturbing. It's wrong. What is happening in the world is not okay. This is just a small sample of the insanity that seems to be plaguing humanity. It seems like ignorance and evil are on the rise. I know that the government is going to keep us safe by making sure that everyone gets vaccinated, by striking all hate speech from the historical record, and by stoically supporting our Western allies in Eastern Europe, but something just doesn't feel quite right.

How is all of this going to play out?

It may come as little comfort to recall that we are in the middle of the Great Reset, and that pain is all part of the plan. Of all the things that might be taken into consideration, of all the things we hear about through headline news, it is imperative to remember this is all just propaganda. We only see what they want us to see. Not only are they manipulating the media and the information we receive, they are manipulating our mindset and emotions.

They are manipulating our families, our friendships, and our communities. They are manipulating our cities, our counties, and countries all around the world. They are manipulating our food supply, our financial system, and our future. They are manipulating our bodies and our brains. They are manipulating the very essence of our humanity.

None of this should be brushed off, ignored, or taken lightly. Every bit of what's happening should stir the survival instinct; it should stir the human spirit; it should stir our souls. It should be uncomfortable to realize just how far we've come, away from the way things were, away from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, away from the constitution and our founding principles, away from freedom and being foot-loose and fancy free.

Such an uncomfortable realization should spark conviction and fuel a deep resolve, igniting a fierce determination to once again make things right and secure a future worth having. If there is one take away from today's headlines, it should be that we are now one day closer to the point of no return.

This is a sick and twisted situation. Now is the time for hard conversations and meaningful action. May the wise take note.