May 16, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 117 - Three Lies & Half-a-Truth

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Let's take it one lie at a time.

Glancing at the headlines today, we see nothing but misdirection and misinformation. It's a steady stream of polished propaganda being presented as truth, the very pinnacle and epitome of trickery. With some fresh shock and awe and race-baiting terror burying anything of substance, today's game is one of discernment: What really matters right now?

Let's start by identifying three lies and half-a-truth:

  1. The GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism

  2. When Biden took office there was no vaccine available

  3. Record inflation is due to the wealthiest not paying their fare share

  4. US deaths from COVID hit 1 million, less than 2 1/2 years in

Today's first headline was Liz Cheney's response to the racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, wherein Payton Gendron, "a rifle-toting 18-year-old from Conklin, New York," allegedly drove hundreds of miles to hunt down black people at a Tops super market. Make no mistake, this was a despicable racist hate crime of the highest order.

But was his murderous impulse driven by GOP rhetoric? According to his 180 page manifesto (which was essentially identical to a prior white supremacist manifesto), the jaded Gendron claims he was "deep into communist ideology," and on the political compass he would fall in the "mild-moderate authoritarian left." As you might expect, there is much more to the story.

The reality is that this deeply disturbed kid was radicalized by online content -- and that plays directly into the narrative that we need a Disinformation Governance Board to keep hate speech off the internet. It also feeds the frenzy for more gun control. In fact, Payton Gendron checks off so many boxes on the liberal narrative, at least one "Racist Republican" lawmaker claims this may have been a false flag event.

Moving on, it may come as no surprise to learn the second out-right lie comes straight from the White House. Social media exploded over the outrageous claim that there were no vaccines when Biden took office -- which is patently false, given Biden himself had already been vaccinated, and millions of doses had been distributed and administered across the country, prior to his inauguration.

How did they handle getting called out? Rather than apologize and take down the lie, they later claimed it was a misstatement -- without removing the original content:

"We previously misstated that vaccines were unavailable in January 2021. We should have said that they were not widely available." --The White House

It's worth noting that by leaving the original post up, it allows the liberal media to circulate the lie throughout the progressive echo chamber, knowing full well that most of the useful idiots that comprise their audience will never catch on that the White House "accidentally" misstated the truth. One might wonder if the DGB will be addressing this sort of misinformation in the future?

Now for an even more laughable lie: We are suffering record high inflation because the wealthiest corporations are not paying their fare share. According to President Biden, the way to fix inflation is to tax the rich -- which is so absurd, it prompted woke billionaire Jeff Bezos to mock the president, suggesting the Disinformation Governance Board fact-check his claim.

Bezos pointed out that the administration had injected trillions of dollars in stimulus into an already over-heated, inflationary economy, which is like pouring full on the inflationary fire. The billionaire also made clear that rampant inflation hurts the "least affluent" the most. It's ironic that this little spat exposed these truths in front of their liberal followers.

To quote one astute observer, "When Jeff Bezos is mocking Biden, you know it's bad." That article also reminds us to put Biden's comments into proper context:

"In the course of a year, we’ve gone from “inflation will be transitory,” to “inflation is a good thing,” to “inflation started under Trump,” to “it’s Putin’s price hike.”

In reality, inflation has been rising for over 18 months -- long before Russia invaded Ukraine -- and the new claim that the pain at the pump is being caused by rich corporations not paying their fair share is just another dog whistle tactic to call their political base to heel. Lest we forget, the midterms are coming and they need to deflect blame for Biden's dismal performance, and whip their constituents into a frenzy so they can get out the vote.

Which brings me to the half-truth of the day, the official announcement that 1 million people have died from COVID-19, and the silly emphasis that this happened in less than 2 1/2 years. Have one million people died from covid in the last two-and-a-half years? Maybe, but even the CDC admits 95% of those supposed covid deaths had comorbidities, and this death rate pales in comparison to 2.2 million people who die from other preventable diseases, every single year.

**Here are a couple screenshots that demonsrate the proliferation of propaganda. Note the lockstep headlines and ensuing echo chamber:

This fearmongering is intended to generate alarming headlines that can be echoed across the net, intentionally stoking fear for the purpose of shifting public sentiment and manipulating human behavior. Combined with the rise in cases and the coming of the 5th wave, it would appear that we are headed for another public health crisis -- just in time for the elections.

Do you think that's just a coincidence? How many people do you think can distinguish fact from fiction? How many people can identify the lies? How many people trust that the government is going to tell them what's true? How many people still think that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected? How many will vote for him again?

How many people still think we can vote ourselves out of this mess? With midterms just around the corner, even an honest optimist would have to have some doubts!