Feb 7, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 53 - Do You Think This Is Weird?

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What goes in, must come out.

The Federal government has been monitoring the feces of some 53 million Americans for a few years now. Described as a “grassroots effort” by academics researchers, the CDC is rapidly ramping up the program, expanding the National Wastewater Surveillance System from 400 to 650 collection sites — a nearly 65% increase.

“Wastewater surveillance serves as an early warning system for the emergence of COVID-19 in a community,” according to Dr. Amy Kirby, director of the program. “With the expansion, “more communities will have the opportunity to use this tool to help guide their public health decision making.”

It’s all very fascinating. The ability to collect human DNA and viral RNA from wastewater never really occurred to me. By extension, the fact that this could be used by the State as another surveillance program, which according to Dr. Kirby is, “uniquely powerful,” because it can monitor people without symptoms, also never occurred to me.

But there is a theme here. Think about all the testing sites that have cropped up the last two years. Think about how quickly people have simply accepted their role as lab rats for the government. Why do you think they want to collected genetic data and track people who are not actually sick? 

Of course, we can all rest assured that this is for our own good. And when they discover there has been a spike in infected feces, we can understand why they have to lockdown the town, and potentially quarantine our community. Perhaps the reason this is such a powerful new tool, is because they can now monitor entire communities, without the need for consent, or the ability to stop it from happening — after all, we cannot deny the call of the wild!

If you place this information withing the framework of power and control, it begins to make sense:

  • Testing everyone, everywhere, all the time, is an expensive way to drive up the numbers. Shipping out 500 million tests definitely boosts the case counts, but what if there was an easier way?

  • High cases counts, when extrapolated and fed into data manipulating formulas, produces the rampant community spread and justifies authoritarian policies — aka, preemptive risk mitigation measures.

  • Testing raw sewage provides a more direct way to generate similar numbers — essentially to create what ever numbers they want — then use these manipulated data and modeling to push the desired agenda.

This is all just laying the groundwork for total medical tyranny. Already the public, the poor unsuspecting masses, have been conditioned to accept they must forfeit their freedoms because they might be infected. People have forfeited the right to breathe freely, without a mask on, because they might be infected.

People have forfeited personal autonomy and bodily integrity — the freedom to choose what happens to our body — submitting to repeated genetic testing so that they can go to school, keep their jobs, and keep entertaining the fantasy that someday everything will get back to normal. All this because they might be infected.

Since the unsuspecting soul cannot know if they are infected, they are shunned by society and labeled a threat to public health and safety — unless of course, they comply with testing, masking, and gene-therapy vaccinations. You are, therefore, unclean and unwanted, unless and until you have been properly cleansed in the pool of pharmaceutical propaganda. Does any of this sound okay to you?

Remember, the new National Wastewater Surveillance System is powerful, we’re told, because it can detect COVID-19 in people with no symptoms. This data then guides public health decisions, with complete disregard for personal privacy, medical freedom, and individual liberties. Such rights do not exist under medical tyranny.

Make no mistake: When the government can justify its tyranny by inspecting infected feces, we know they are willing to do anything that it takes to keep the lies alive and increase their control of our lives.

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