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TR 334 - When Evil Comes Home to Roost

TR 334 - When Evil Comes Home to Roost

The sickening moral rot and cultural decay are now on full display.

It’s disgusting.

When some sicko goes psycho and murders innocent children and unarmed adults, you’d think the nation could come together and grieve—but not in America, not now. We have devolved into a nation that cares more about pronouns and political posturing than having any meaningful conversation about what to do with these sick bastards who keep methodically plotting to murder innocent people in cold blood.

Like I said, it’s disgusting.

But, having said that, it’s not unpredictable or even unexpected at this point. This is the result of institutional indoctrination breaking the brains of adolescents, severing their mental connection with reality, and filling their minds with hate. This is the direct result of applied dialectical materialism we’ve been discussing this week—the fruit of all the “conscious transformations” being perpetrated upon the public.

Think about it. A woman decides she wants to be a man. Why? She demands that everyone start referring to her as him. Why? Then she decides to undergo hormonal therapy to boost testosterone—which causes rage—to “transition” into a complete freak of nature. Why? Still not satisfied or fulfilled with her life, she then decides to plot an attack on a Christian school and murder children in cold blood. Why?

What sick and twisted mental state was driving this heinous behavior? What were the thoughts going through her mind, at any point in time, that would rationalize any of this psychotic insanity? Where were the parents, the friends, the colleagues who might have intervened in this despicable descent into darkness and evil?

My guess is that everyone who knew her was supporting her, standing in solidarity with her insanity, perhaps even encouraging her to embrace her irrational impulse. Such grand collective delusions have clearly taken a grip on the public psyche, and the utterly imbecilic so-called “trans” agenda has wormed its way into the minds of the so-called “woke” ideologues who fail to see just how f*cking stupid they’ve become.

How’s that for some political correctness? It pisses me off.

But it’s not going away anytime soon. Instead, this insanity is only going to increase. This is all part of the plan. Indeed, it’s all part of the dialectics. It’s all part of the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION method that’s driving American politics. And more than that, it’s what happens when moral rot and cultural decay reach the end stages of conscious transformation.

In short, this is what happens when evil comes home to roost.

What would you expect when the talking heads on TV are openly calling for the murder of people who oppose their agenda? What would you expect when college professors are out there advocating for the assassination of their political opponents? Friends, I’m not making this stuff up. Read the words of this wretched professor:

“I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.”Steven Shaviro, WSU

Did you catch that? It’s admirable to kill people you disagree with, at least according to the elite thinkers in the esteemed institutions of “higher” learning. This jackass actually goes on to praise the assassination of political leaders—as long as the one pulling the trigger is a commie anarchist like Sholem Scwarzbard, who despite being a vile and contemptible Communist, is being exalted as an inspiring revolutionary.

This is what’s happening in America today. This is what passes for higher education. It is nothing less than indoctrination into insanity, and nothing more than a dialectical dismantling of human decency. Of course, and quite unfortunately, all of this institutional conditioning actually starts at a much younger age, courtesy of the state sponsored “head start” programs that prime undeveloped minds for a minimum of 13 years of relentless social conditioning.

Thus, the process of conscious transformation proceeds at pace, cranking out one generation after the next of poorly educated pupils who have learned little more than how to be a compliant cog in the revolutionary wheel of the commie cabal.

The fundamental transformation of America is nearly complete.

Now all we need is the destruction of our currency, the toppling of our teetering political structure, and a full purging of the remnants of our culture, and we will soon be fully “transitioned” to another failed socialist state that must be propped up by the global cabal and their gangster international banking cartel—much the way they are currently propping up the sock-puppet occupying the oval office.

This is what happens when evil comes home to roost. It’s sad. Really sad.

But friends, don’t just get sad about—get mad about it!

What the hell is going on here?!


It’s time to fight.

But how?

How do we fight against the powers of darkness and evil? I know many people say we need to pray—and indeed we need prayers—but we need more than that. Some will rightly claim that we need salvation—that the Lord’s return is our only hope—but friends, we need more than just hope. No one knows the hour or day. Faith without works is dead, so how do we fight against the darkness now until the end is revealed?

You may recall the recent event in Kentucky, the Asbury Awakening that has sparked spiritual revivals all across the country. Prayer and worship is a damn good way to fight darkness and evil. Indeed, if you are not already plugged into a community of faith, you may find this rise of spiritual awakening a perfect opportunity to get plugged in. If you are in the local area, you might be interested to know there is a revival event at the fairgrounds this weekend—just as an FYI.

But let me back up a step.

I know for a fact that there are many people who will read these words and listen to this podcast who are not Christians, who don’t believe in prophecy, who aren’t into going to church, and who are highly skeptical about any claims of religious superiority. Let’s not forget that they too are our Friends in the Fight for Freedom—and that we must stand together on the right side of history in order to protect our children and our communities from the very real evils and darkness of the day.

Some folks question the reality of spiritual warfare, and that’s okay. If prayer and worship are not your cup of tea, that’s okay. If you’re not holding out for divine intervention, that’s okay. In fact, it might be best to just set all of that aside and address the practical aspects of shining light in the darkest of times. In other words, how do we fight against the delusions and mental illness that is plaguing the nation?

A spontaneous thought just popped into my head: Spiritual Dialectics.

I’ll noodle that through and present a more polished thought in the future, but the gist of it is that we need to help people realize we are spiritual beings—and, more specifically, that spiritual curiosity and spiritual expression are fundamental to human nature. Yes, we are hackable animals, but we are not soulless hackable animals, and I believe this is the proper starting point to re-orientate public perspective.

More on that another time.

Evil seeks to harm and control. Darkness diminishes perceptual awareness. Menticide destroys independent thinking. Memetics spread the mental virus. Propaganda distorts the reflection of reality. People don’t know what or how to think. The convergence of these factors results in the shocking display of cultural decay that we are witnessing today. But what can be done about it, practically speaking?


To provide some workable solutions, instead of just asking a bunch of disturbing questions, I offer the following thoughts:

  1. Darkness is the absence of awareness. Awareness can be accessed, activated, and elevated via intelligent inquiry. Asking questions directs the mind to search for answers, which opens the door to personal discovery and potential awakening.

  2. Solutions must be personal in nature. There is no one size fits all solution for people suffering with mental health issues. Human beings are far too complex. To help people wake up we must connect and build relationships.

  3. There is evil in the world, and it’s always on the move. Who would disagree with that? Finding an agreeable starting point like this opens the door to conversation. Conversations build authentic connections, relationships and community, which are the best defense we’ve got, logically speaking, against evil during dark times.

Dialectical tactics would be helpful here. To intuitively grasp how to use this method, think about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. How was Eve deceived? According to the Bible, the evil serpent (aka “the magical talking snake” for all my atheist friends) asked a simple question:

“Did God really say you can’t eat from any tree in the garden?”

Boom. Talk about a loaded question! But the point here is the dialectical deception. By asking the question from the negative, the conversation led to the negation of the original premise. This is leading with the opposite, with the anti-thesis, if you’ve been following along this week. To any sort of thesis, idea, or belief, one could apply this simple technique by asking: “But is that really true?”

In the back and forth that follows, a synthesis is forged and new ideas are formed. With a clever choice of words and particular attention to language, this dialectic technique can be used to facilitate a “conscious transformation”—or more accurately, to facilitate a subconscious transformation of human consciousness.

When evil comes home to roost, we must shoo it out of the coop—and it’s going to take more than a shotgun to get the job done. Wisdom says to use our words.

After all, the Word was GOD.

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